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Word-retrieval Treatment In Aphasia: Effects Of Sentence Context

November 07, 2017

We evaluated a sentence-based procedure for improving word retrieval in two post-stroke individuals with contrasting forms of aphasia. Treatment incorporated sentence production in which we removed target words, requiring participants to spontaneously retrieve them.

Following sentence-based word-retrieval training, both participants demonstrated positive effects of treatment.

This training led to improvements in word-retrieval measures during spontaneous sentence generation. These changes were greater following noun training than verb training.

Changes were greater in sentence production than in picture naming for one of the participants, suggesting that sentence-embedded word-retrieval training addresses the word retrieval for nouns and verbs more effectively.

These preliminary findings suggest word-retrieval training completed within a sentence context may be a good method for improving word-retrieval abilities in some individuals with aphasia.

Word-retrieval treatment in aphasia: Effects of sentence context, pg. 367 (PDF)

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