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South Korea Confirms H5N1 Bird Flu Outbreak

April 03, 2017

After an H5N1 bird flu outbreak was confirmed by South Korean authorities, 236,000 poultry will be slaughtered in Iksan, about 145 miles south of the capital, Seoul. A strict quarantine has been established around the immediate vicinity of the affected area.

Alarm bells rang earlier on this week when 6,000 poultry suddenly died at a farm in Iksan. Authorities culled all poultry and eggs in the farm and imposed a 10 km quarantine around the area.

The last time South Korea had a bird flu outbreak was almost three years ago, when over five million birds were slaughtered.

Japan has suspended the imports of poultry from South Korea. People arriving to Japan from South Korea now have to have the soles of their shoes disinfected.

Scientists fear the H5N1 bird flu virus strain may mutate and become easily human transmissible. So far, it is difficult for humans to catch bird flu from birds, and even harder for infected people to infect others.