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PMI Fights Flu Season With Anti-Germ Ultraviolet Technology

June 24, 2017

As temperatures drop and the flu and cold season hits its stride, employees at PMI Plaza in Walnut Creek, CA, headquarters for The PMI Group, Inc. (NYSE: PMI), will benefit from newly installed technology that kills germs and improves air quality.

Using the same health-conscious technology that's now required in federal government office buildings, PMI recently modified the air conditioning system at its corporate headquarters to fight the spread of infectious diseases, as well as organisms that can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.

"Our goal is to be an employer of choice in the Bay Area, and we always look for ways to improve the environment and experience we offer to our people," said Charles Broom, Senior Vice President of Human Resources. "The technology itself is not new, but it's only recently been available for installation in buildings like ours. With the cold and flu season ramping up, it was a good time to install it." Donald P. Lofe, Jr., PMI's Chief Financial Officer, explained, "This new system is really a win-win. By investing in this new system, we will reduce the transmission of airborne diseases and contaminants and provide a cleaner, healthier environment for our employees. At the same time, we will lower our energy costs down the road."

The installation consists of six rows of forty-foot-long ultraviolet germicidal lamps that span the entire length of the cooling coils in the building's air conditioning system, continuously cleaning the cooling coils, drain pans and ducts. The lamps kill germs that cause infectious diseases caused by bacteria, such as E. Coli and whooping cough, as well as those caused by viruses, including colds, chicken pox, and Avian flu. The new system also kills or inactivates surface and airborne microorganisms that trigger allergy and asthma symptoms, including mold and mold spores, solvents, and other volatile organic compounds. In addition to improved indoor air quality, the system's benefits include lower HVAC energy costs and reduced use of harmful chemicals and disinfectants.

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