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Nurses Expose Big Tobacco, Oil, Predatory Lender And Insurance Attacks On Marty Block

November 01, 2019

Geri Jenkins, RN President of the California Nurses Association, and nurse at UC San Diego Medical Center; called on voters to reject attacks by tobacco, oil, predatory lenders and health insurance companies on Assembly candidate Marty Block.

"Voters need to know that the bad guys are trying to fool them," said Geri Jenkins, RN. "The Civil Justice Reform PAC is nothing more than a front for nearly $839,000 in dirty money."

The PAC Californians For Balance And Fairness In The Civil Justice System, Sponsored By Civil Justice Association Of California has so far spent over $30,000 opposing candidate Marty Block in the race for the 78th Assembly District.

The PAC is funded primarily by the tobacco, oil, health insurance industries as well as predatory lenders like Ameriquest and Countrywide.

"This PAC is funded by the same people that claim tobacco and smoking aren't harmful. By the same companies, Blue Shield/Blue Cross, that were found by state regulators to be routinely violating state law by canceling consumers' healthcare - often during care for major illnesses. By the same oil companies that foul our environment and gouge us at the gas pump. By the same companies largely responsible for the mortgage crisis.

"These are not the people voters trust. And for them to try and hide their involvement in this underhanded and misleading campaign is just wrong," Geri Jenkins, RN, said.

"Marty Block is a true champion for our communities - that's why these bad actors are trying to stop him. Marty Block will stand up for our schools and neighborhoods, and work to hold health insurance, oil and other huge corporations accountable. That's why he is endorsed by teachers, nurses, environmentalists, police officers and hundreds of community members."

"Exactly the people tobacco, oil, insurance and predatory lenders want to silence," said [CLCV member, communications rep].

California Nurses Association