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Non-obese Patients With Sleep Apnea Use More Sedatives

April 13, 2017

A study of 102 patients with OSA shows that 1 in 5 patients with OSA are nonobese (16.7 percent), and these patients are more likely to use sedatives.

Differences found between the obese and nonobese patients included nonobese patients being older (57.1 years on average, compared to 48.3 years) and exhibiting less upper airway narrowing.

This is also the first study to show that nonobese patients with OSA were significantly more likely use excess sedatives, when compared to obese patients with OSA, with 52.9 percent of nonobese patients using one or more sedatives, compared to 24.7 percent of obese patients.

The study's researchers from Marshall University, West Virginia, emphasize the importance of screening nonobese patients for OSA.

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Jennifer Stawarz
American College of Chest Physicians