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New Fever Detecting System Could Help Contain Spread Of Swine Flu

May 23, 2017

Israeli high-tech company Opgal has launched a thermal imaging system that can detect individuals with elevated body temperatures. The company believes that the system could help contain the spread of Swine Flu when installed in public thoroughfares such as airports, train stations and other transportation hubs. The Opgal system consists of a highly-sensitive infrared thermal camera integrated with customized software and sophisticated algorithms so that it can detect differences in body temperature smaller than 0.5° C.

One of the symptoms of Swine Flu is a high fever of over 100.4° F (38C). The system screens real-time thermal images to detect individuals passing through its field of view whose body temperatures exceed a pre-set threshold, and flags individuals with elevated temperatures. When the camera detects such an individual it gives off an alarm and the specific person can be pulled aside for further medical evaluation. "This non-invasive system can be immediately deployed in airports and other transportation hubs since it does not require any special infrastructure," said Opgal CEO Dror Sharon. In 2003 Opgal sold more than 300 units of a similar thermal scanner to Asian nations during the SARS crisis. Opgal is owned by Rafael and Elbit Systems and is a leading manufacturer of thermal and optical imaging products for use in public safety, paramilitary, navigation and search and rescue operations.

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