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International Stem Cell Reports Excellent Preliminary Results For Skin Rejuvenation

November 15, 2017

International Stem Cell Corporation (OTCBB:ISCO), has received excellent preliminary results for a new retail skin rejuvenation product that has been developed as a result of its fundamental research into Parthenogenic Stem Cells.

Scientists and clinicians at ISCO have discovered that a proprietary combination of the special growth media for human skin tissue created by the company, coupled with the by-products of the production of Parthenogenic Stem Cells, appears to have a dramatic impact on the restoration and retention of skin moisture. The product may have longer term benefits for skin rejuvenation.

This discovery represents yet another example of the dynamic relationship between the laboratory research products produced by ISCO's wholly owned subsidiary, Lifeline Cell Technology and the fundamental science of ISCO's stem cell research.

Further testing will be conducted to confirm this preliminary data. If subsequent research supports the promising initial results, the Company plans to launch, either directly or through a strategic partnership, a new line of skin rejuvenation products based on this discovery.

Dr. Gregory S. Keller, a noted facial plastic surgeon, commented, "This product shows early signs of being a significant breakthrough in providing an oil free skin moisturizing product that might also provide long term benefits in reducing wrinkles and other visible signs of the natural aging process."

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