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Hexvix Cystoscopy Detects At Least One More Papillary Tumour Than White Light Cystoscopy Alone In 29% Of Patients

July 01, 2020

A comparative study between GE Healthcare's Hexvix® fluorescence cystoscopy and white light cystoscopy has shown that Hexvix® cystoscopy is more effective in the detection of Ta and T1 papillary lesions than white light1 cystoscopy alone in 29% patients. The study has been published in this month's Journal of Urology issue.

The study involved a total of 196 evaluable patients with known or suspected bladder cancer. Because other randomized studies had shown that Hexvix® cystoscopy is capable of detecting more tumours than white light2, the 2 cystoscopy procedures were performed sequentially; white light visualization then fluorescence cystoscopy with Hexvix® . The results showed that 29% of the patients had at least one more pTa lesion detected with Hexvix® cystoscopy than white light cystoscopy alone, the current standard for visual diagnosis of bladder cancer (p