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GENOMICA Is Designing A Quick Diagnostic Test For The New Swine Flu A

May 27, 2020

Genómica, a company of the Zeltia Group (ZEL.MC) leader in molecular diagnostic products, is developing an updated version of its product CLART® PneumoVir for the specific and urgent detection of the New A/H1N1 Influenza. For the development of this test, Genómica is collaborating with various Spanish and international hospitals. Over the past two months a great number of suspicious samples have been analyzed. Positive and negative cases were confirmed in all the tests and the results have been validated by the different Spanish and international centres of reference.

The new diagnostic test, called CLART® PneumoVir/Flu A, is estimated to be available this autumn to coincide with the 2009/2010 flu campaign. The company currently sells the product CLART® PneumoVir which allows a single panel to detect the 17 most common viruses causing human respiratory infections. It is possible that the innovative platform CLART®, may also detect patient's H1N1 infection of porcine origin in a single analysis.

CLART® technology allows the automatic processing of eight samples simultaneously. It also allows for a diagnosis in eight hours after the sample is delivered to the hospital. The doctor can then take a fast decision on the best treatment for each patient.

About Genómica

GENOMICA S.A.U. is the first Spanish company in Molecular Diagnostics highly experienced in the analysis of genetic identification. Founded in 1990, with facilities in Madrid Genómica is 100% owned by Zeltia. Our mission is to improve current methods of molecular diagnostics and genetic identification tools with reliable, automatic and with the highest quality standards. The main objective is to lead genomic applications in the Spanish market and expand our activities in Europe in the field of Molecular Diagnostics through the design, development and commercialization of new diagnostic applications of our innovative platform through in-vitro diagnostic, clinical ARRAY TECHNOLOGY CLART®. Genómica has developed diagnostic tests for human papilloma virus associated with cervical cancer, the diagnosis of viral respiratory diseases and herpes in its different subtypes and as well as detection of gene regions associated to the determination of human therapy response factors. GENOMICS also provides analysis of DNA and Legal and Forensic Medicine, and Technology Transfer.

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