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Ditch The Sexy Lingerie This Christmas; Women 50 Plus Just Want A Good Night's Sleep!

February 15, 2020

Gents, if you're looking for a way to get your woman's heart in a flutter this Christmas then ditch the sexy lingerie as a Christmas gift.

Only one in twenty (5%) women aged fifty and over said sexy lingerie gets their heart racing. While surprisingly nearly one in six (16%) opted for a good night's sleep to get their hearts in a flutter.

We released the survey results today as part of our Angina Monologues campaign to raise awareness of heart disease in women.

Heartthrobs young and old, such as David Beckham, Tom Jones and Will Smith also fail to have an effect - just 5 per cent (5%) of women aged fifty plus said thinking about these popular heartthrobs get their hearts in a flutter.

The good news for men is that women seem to love good old fashioned romance. Over 40 per cent (42%) aged fifty or over said hearing their partner saying "I love you" was the best way to their hearts, closely followed by going on a dream holiday (40%).

Our senior cardiac nurse, June Davison, said: "It seems the best way to make a woman swoon is by telling her you love her before tucking her up in bed for a good night's sleep!

"Our survey was a bit of fun but there's nothing funny about the fact heart disease kills three times more women than breast cancer.

"Our Angina Monologues show is a great way to get women together this Christmas to cherish their hearts - and fill the nation's living rooms with hearty laughter."

We revealed the results to publicise the Angina Monologues, a one-off comedy show hosted by multi BAFTA award winner Victoria Wood. The show will be broadcast tonight on Sky 1 at 9:30pm, and again on Christmas Day at 9.30pm.

In the show, Victoria Wood is joined by the UK's best loved women comedians including Jo Brand, Katy Brand, Julia Davis and Jessica Hynes for a night of fantastic entertainment focused on affairs of the heart.

Victoria said: "Like most women, I thought heart disease was something that only affected men, like nose hair and not washing big dirty pans. We need to spread the word. The Angina Monologues brings together our most fantastically funny women for a night of stand up, sketches and music. We all need a bit of hearty laughter."

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