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Deadline For Joining GB Poultry Register (UK)

September 05, 2017

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Keepers with 50 or more poultry on commercial poultry premises have until 28 February to register their flocks on the GB Poultry Register. Those with fewer than 50 birds are strongly encouraged to register on a voluntary basis, and the Register will remain open after February to allow this.

The register was set up by Defra in December 2005, with the support of many organisations supporting the interests of poultry keepers. Its aim is to more accurately establish the locations of poultry flocks on a central database to help quick and effective control of an Avian Influenza outbreak.

The information will be used for:

-- Modelling disease spread scenarios to assess impact of disease spread. This will help enhance our contingency planning

-- Communicating with poultry keepers to provide them with guidance, for example biosecurity and housing, if the threat of disease increases

Who has to register?

By law you must register if you own or are responsible for a commercial poultry premises with 50 or more birds. This requirement also applies even if the premises is only stocked with 50 or more birds for part of the year.

Failure to register your commercial poultry is an offence, and will not help protect your birds. Premises with fewer than 50 birds are not legally required to register but are strongly encouraged to do so now, on a voluntary basis.

To register call the freephone 0800 634 1112 (Lines will be open 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, and 9am to 1pm, on Saturday and Sunday), or download a registration form (pdf) from the Poultry Register website.

All Poultry keepers should implement strict biosecurity and common sense hygiene practices at all times to protect their birds and themselves from a number of everyday infections, as well as a possible outbreak of avian influenza. All poultry keepers are responsible for the health and welfare of their own birds, and should look out for signs of disease in their birds. If you suspect that your birds are ill, contact your vet immediately.

Further information

-- the Poultry Register pages on Defra web site
-- the Avian Influenza pages on Defra web site

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