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Brits Love Fast Foods More Than Americans

May 08, 2019

A Synovate study found that the British are the keenest fast food consumers in the world, closely followed by Americans. When asked to comment on the statement "I like the taste of fast food too much to give it up," 45% of the British agreed, compared to 44% of Americans - Canada came third with 37%. At the other end of the scale 81% of the French disagreed with the statement, followed by 75% of people from Singapore.

The French weigh themselves more often than anyone else, the survey found - but they do not see fast food as a weight issue. The French are more concerned about their traditional high-fat cooking techniques and rich ingredients.

The study found that people have inherently contradictory issues about their body weight. Many people feel better about eating a hamburger or an extra portion of pizza by accompanying their meal with a diet cola.

The survey involved 9,000 people from 13 countries - Australia Brazil, Canada, France, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States.

54% of respondents from all countries said they eat whatever they feel like whenever they feel like it. However, two thirds also said that they watch their food intake carefully and strive to be healthy - a contradiction when compared to the first phrase. Those who carried out the study say that people are torn between food as a necessary fuel and a source of pleasure.

Obesity - A Growing Worldwide Problem

Obesity is growing all over the world. It has not only become an increasing problem in developed nations. Developing countries are also experiencing an obesity boom.

When asked what they thought was the main cause of obesity, 40% of all respondents thought it was food, with unhealthy eating habits, such as eating at irregular hours being a major factor, along with unhealthy food choices. 18% think obesity's main cause is a lack of exercise, 11% blame genetics, while 13% say it is because people have no self discipline. Lack of self discipline scored highest in the USA and UK, two countries with the biggest issues.

How People Try to Slim Down

Globally, it seems more people opt for diets rather than exercise. When asked what measures people take to lose weight 43% said they reduced the amount of food they consumed, 43% said they did more exercise, while 35% said they changed the types of food they ate.

While the Americans (57%), French (56%) and British (54%) find the denial of food as the most popular way to lose weight, 14% of Malaysians opt for herbs and supplements.

One third of people globally go for low-fat foods in order to control their weight, while 22% have exercise equipment at home. 33% of Americans and those from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) use home equipment, followed by 31% of Canadians and 30% of Britons.

"Global weight survey looks at scale obsessions, fast food addictions and obesity"
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